A successful brand and product launch on the international stage. With a very positive response and lots of incredibly inspiring feedback, sanSirro GmbH and its brand QUS now enter the final decisive follow-ups after very successfully presenting the label at the CES in Las Vegas.

The CES in Las Vegas is the world’s largest electronics and technology trade fair and attracts almost 4000 exhibitors and 150,000 interested trade visitors. (More information about the fair can be found at www.ces.tech)

The QUS stand alone with its puristic black and white minimal design received plenty of attention and positive feedback thanks to its modesty and understatement. And after only a few conversations with various companies on the first day of the fair, it very quickly became clear to the entire development of this smart product in terms of people, money and time was absolutely the right decision.

The appeal of the QUS Smart Shirt was very clear to the Styrian company.  The shirt’s special technology was very well received by major international manufacturers from the sport, health and military sectors, as thanks to the QUS smart textile, chest straps – which are often uncomfortable to wear – are now superfluous. As a manufacturer of customizable sport and leisure wear, sanSirro is now also developing smart textiles with integrated highly complex microsensors. These smart fibers collect all relevant vital data for the athlete. This includes, for instance, pulse, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, calorie consumption, acceleration, geo-data as well as the g-force affecting the athlete. But the sensors developed also make targeted sleep and regeneration monitoring possible. The data collected by the intelligent sensors is transmitted to an on-board unit weighing only 20 grams, which is located on the athlete’s back and then transferred via a data cloud to smartphone, tablet or PC.